"Vitamin O" book by Dr. Krauss - Distributor Kit

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VITAMIN O: Nature's Most Important Dietary Supplement

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  • "Vitamin O" book by Dr. Krauss (1 book)
  • Brochures (100 total, 50 count/pack, up to 2 types)
  • Mini Spray Bottle Kit (2 pieces)
  • Mini O2 Decal Pack (4 pieces)
"Vitamin O" book by Dr. Krauss
AUTHOR: Stephen R. Krauss, Ph.D.
PAPERBACK: 318 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5323-3029-2

Of all the chemical elements, oxygen is the most vital to the human body. It is absolutely crucial to the life processes of all living creatures. It is at the basis of all energy production and is the key to combating disease. To create every chemical bond, every new cell or every thought pattern and memory requires a constant supply of the most important element on our planet: oxygen. We can go without food for 40 days, water for seven days, but only a few minutes without life-giving oxygen. This second edition contains more detailed research and a more in-depth look at the importance of oxygen to a healthy body. 

Brochures: In order to succeed, every distributor needs business and product literature to share with prospects and customers.  Professional brochures add credibility and boost confidence.  These tri-fold brochures (6” tall) are a great size to fit in a pocket or purse or include with a product sample.

Spray Bottle Kit: Perfect size for personal use, sharing, and/or travel!  Enjoy the benefits of O2 Drops with easy-to-use fine mist and nasal atomizer spray bottles. This 2-piece kit includes two 1oz size application spray bottles (contents sold separately).  Bottles are BPA Free and made of a sturdy PET plastic.  Hand wash.

Decal Pack: Advertise on-the-go with an eye-catching decal and you’ll pique the interest of everyone around.  It’s a simple, effortless way to promote your business.  This 4-piece decal pack includes two 2" O2s plus two 4" O2s (white and blue colors).  Made of durable vinyl; easy to apply and remove (non-reusable).

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