Customized Daybreak Sample Sharing Cards (triple-layer business cards)

  • $ 49.99

Build Your Business Fast By Sharing Daybreak Samples!

Wow prospects when you hand them a sample of Daybreak on a professionally designed product sharing card with YOUR contact information printed directly on it. These eye-catching cards are the size of standard business cards (2” x 3.5”) only distinctively thicker.  They are printed in full color on triple-layered premium matte cardstock with a black middle layer.  

PLUS, if you like, you can add a matching number of glue dots to your order.  Simply stick a glue dot to the back of the card then easily attach a product sample of Daybreak to share with prospects.  Easy to apply and remove.  These glue dots are specifically designed for bonding paper to product.  They are low profile (slim for close contact) and high tack (adhesive strength).

SHIPPING NOTICE: Your customized cards will ship separately than the glue dots. 

FULFILLMENT: This item is printed on demand; print time begins after approval and processed payment of your order.  Also, due to printing time and packaging requirements, this item will ship separately from the rest of your order.

DISCLAIMER: Daybreak sold separately; it is available via your O2 Worldwide Back Office.  The O2 Central Store does not carry product samples.  

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